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Study on Comprehensive Treatment, Effective Utilization Model and Techniques of Sodic Soil in West Songnen Plain TEXT SIZE: A A A


National Science and Technology Tackle Key Problem Program


Focused on the salinization-alkalization and draught problems in western Songnen Plain, this study carried out the research from 3 aspects:

I. Sodic dry field amendment and high-efficient utilization model. The trend of soil water and salt movement during salt leaching was studied. Saline-alkaline tolerant crop and species were screened according the market-orientation and non-pollution or cost-saving and benefit-increasing cultivation techniques were tested and demonstrated.

II. Ecological restoration of saline-alkaline grassland and ecological stockbreeding model and technique research. Different ecological treatment model were developed according to the characteristics of saline-alkaline grassland with different salination-alkalization extent, as well as the agricultural byproduct of composite feed, which stabilized the development of stockbreeding.

III. Regional development strategy. Comprehensive treatment strategy of western Songnen Plain was presented. Decision-making supporting system of agricultural production structure optimization was constructed. Regional agricultural sustainable development strategy of planting-stockbreeding-industry integration was proposed.


Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address:4888 Shengbei Street, Changchun 130102, P. R. China