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New Progress achieved in the research field of Ecosystem Service Value TEXT SIZE: A A A

In recent decades, the semi-arid ecosystem of China's Western Jilin province has changed dramatically due to intensive human activities. This article simulated the population density in Western Jilin using a Kernel Density Estimation method and explored the influence of population density on both the value and structure of ecosystem services in various regions. The results showed that lower population density correlated with higher values of ecosystem services per unit area. Apart from food production value, the value of each type of ecosystem service per unit area decreased as population density increased, with the greatest change observed in the value of waste disposal and the lowest in the value of raw materials. Analysis of demographic change on the structure of ecosystem services value produced a Gourd Phenomenon. Sensitivity analysis showed that the sensitivity coefficient of farmland ecosystems was highest, followed by wetland ecosystems and water ecosystems. Therefore, we should restore farmland to grassland and wetland (with its associated rivers and lakes) when reconstructing the eco-environment in Western Jilin.

This research was supported both by National Natural Science Foundation of China and the funding of Pilot Project of CAS. And the related research result has been published in Ecological Indicators.

Paper Information:

Li Fei, Zhang Shuwen, Yang Jiuchun, Bu Kun, Wang Qing, Tang Junmei, Chang Liping, 2016. The effects of population density changes on ecosystem services value: A case study in Western Jilin, China. Ecological Indicators, 61:328-337. 

The   relative   proportions   of   different  ecosystem  services   values  in   different  regions.


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