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  Research Progress
New progress achieved in the research field of regulating soybean seed size [2016-03-09]
New research progress achieved in the Development of INDEL Markersfor Genetic Mapping Based on Whole-Genome Re-sequencing in Soybean [2016-02-24]
New Progress Achieved in the field of potential grain productivity Change [2016-01-27]
New Progress Achieved in soil deterioration and the accompanying decline to maize yield in the black soil region of Northeast China [2016-01-20]
New Progress achieved in the research field of Ecosystem Service Value [2016-01-20]
New Progress achieved in the field of analytical methods in remote sensing pixel unmixing resolution theory [2016-01-18]
Progress in the research of CONSTANS (CO) gen involved in the approaches to Soybean photoperiod [2016-01-18]
New Progress achieved in the research of Salt tolerance during seed germination and early seedling stages of 12 halophytes [2016-01-14]
Progress in climate driving system of peatlands development [2016-01-14]
New progress in the research of metabolic theory of plant ecology [2016-01-12]
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