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LIU Xingtu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Ph.D. supervisor; vice director of Wetland Research Centre of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and contract professor of Regional Farming System Research Center of China Agriculture University. Prof. Liu specializes in wetland research and regional agriculture of Northeast China.

As the leader of National Key Technology R&D Program of China in the region of the Songnen Plain and the Sanjiang Plain, he has been presided over many major programs and projects, such as the survey of agricultural resources, the ecological engineering of wetland, the soil and water control of low-lying farmland, the sustainable development of regional agriculture and so on. Also, as the director of experts committee of wetland survey in China, he took charge of the project of “Survey and Classification of Lakes and Marshes in China”.

Prof. Liu is a doyen of Wetland Sciences. He initiated the model of Complex Ecological Agriculture Project of Paddy-Reed-Fish, blazed a way in the located ecological research on marsh, and accomplished a great deal in the harness of low lying farmland, regional ecological conservation and agricultural sustainable development. He wrote 13 monographs including Mire Science Conspectus, Wetlands in Northeastern China, Research on Comprehensive Development of Regional Agriculture in Northeast China, Natural Environmental Changes and Ecological Protection in the Sanjiang Plain, and Management on Degraded Land and Agricultural Development in the Songnen Plain, and more than 100 articles. And he won 3 national second or third place awards for progress in science and technology and 5 provincial or ministerial first or second place prizes for progress in science and technology. Furthermore, he was granted the honors of “National Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, “National Excellent Returned Overseas Chinese Intellectual”, “Advanced Individual of National Key Technology R&D Program” in the Eighth Five-Year Plan and Ninth Five-Year Plan of China, Distinguished Expert of Jilin Province. In 1991, he enjoyed Special Subsidy from State Council of China.


Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address:4888 Shengbei Street, Changchun 130102, P. R. China