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  Upcoming Events
Beth Middleton finished her two-month visit in NEIGAE [2010-07-02]
Beth Middleton visits NEIGAE [2010-04-16]
Z.M.Wang purposed strategy for China’s low-carbon cities at Science [2010-03-05]
A New Rice variety “Dongdao No.4”passed the variety review of Jilin Province [2010-02-03]
Two Scientists Recommended by NEIGAE was Approved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists [2009-12-01]
The use of remote control airship to carry out detailed survey and wetland vegetation and measurements on vertical profile of temperature and humidity [2009-09-22]
Wang Zongming was awarded as the“Lu Jiageng Young Talent Prize” [2009-09-10]
North Rice No.3 was warded as the second prize of the excellent taste rice in China [2009-08-14]
NEIGAE Hosted the First National Wide Major Specific Plan of Cultivating New Varieties of Agriculture GMO [2009-08-25]
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