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SWS-Asia 2018 Changchun: Wetland and Civilization TEXT SIZE: A A A

SWS-Asia 2018 Changchun: Wetland and Civilization
17-21 August,2018
Changchun, Jilin, China


Organizer and Supporters: 

  • Society of Wetland Scientists Asia Chapter
  • Society of Wetland Scientists China Chapter
  • Ramsar Regional Center of Asia
  • Ecological Society of China
  • China Society of Nature Resources
  • The Geographical Society of China


  • Northeast Institute of Geography And Agroecology, CAS


  • Wetland Ecology Committee of Ecological Society of China
  • The Conservation of Wetland Resources Committee of The Chinese Natural Resources Institute
  • The Lake And Wetland Committee of The Geographical Society of China
  • Northeast Normal University
  • Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecology And Environment, CAS
  • Key Laboratory of Wetland And Ecology of Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province
  • The Science and Technology Institute of Jilin Province
  • Wetland International China Office
  • Wetland Society of Taiwan
  • Louisiana State University

The SWS China Chapter was established in 2017.IGA is an important institutions of wetland research in Asia and its research history can date back from 1958. The year 2018 is the IGA 60th anniversary celebration. IGA wish to take this opportunity to exchange advanced ideas and method of wetland study, to improve the research and management of wetland research in Asia, to give full play to the ecological function and economic and social benefit of wetland, thus facilitated the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

Academic Committee:

  • Prof. Yiyu Chen, Academician, National Natural Science Foundation of China
  • Prof. Wenhua Li, Academician, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS
  • Prof. Xingtu Liu, Academician, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS
  • Prof. William Mitsch,Florida Gulf Coast University,USA,
  • Prof. Seung Oh Suh, executive director, Ramsar Regional Center - East Asia, Korea)

Vice chair:

  • Prof.Xingyuan He, Director General, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS
  • Prof.Arnold Van Der Valk, Chair(2017-2018) of Society of Wetland Scientists, Prof.Beth Middleton, National Wetlands Research Center, USGS, Chair(2018-2019) of Society of Wetland Scientists,
  • Prof.Weida Fang,Chair of SWS Asia Chapter,Taiwan Normal University
  • Prof.Xianguo Lyu, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS
  • Prof.Boqiang Qin, Director of The lake and wetland committee of the Geographical Society of China, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology
  • Prof.Hongyu liu,Director of the conservation of wetland resources committee of the Chinese natural resources institute, Nanjing Normal University
  • Prof.Lianxi Sheng, Northeast Normal University        
  • Prof.Xingzhu Lin, Director of Taiwan wetland society, Taiwan Zhongxing University
  • Prof.Baoshan Cui,Beijing Normal University

Forum Topics

  • Topic 1: Wetland evolution and driving factors
  • Topic 2: Wetland in the North and Global Change
  • Topic 3: Wetland hydrology and water resources
  • Topic 4: Pollution purification of wetlands
  • Topic 5: Wetlands biodiversity
  • Topic 6: Ecological services and risk assessment of wetland ecosystems
  • Topic 7: Wetland restoration and mitigation
  • Topic 8: Wetland sustainable use/ ecological industrialization pattern
  • Topic 9: Wetland reserve management
  • Topic 10: Wetland ecological function and Human well-being
  • Topic 11:Undergraduate forum

Organizational Form

  • The conference will hold English forum and Chinese forum simultaneously.
  • The forum is held in the forms of plenary talk, panel discussion, postgraduate forum, poster presentation, and site visits.
  • Panel discussion.
  • Publish a special column of excellent submitted conference papers in《Chinese Geographical Science》or recommended to 《Wetlands》,《Ecological Engineering》.
  • Postgraduate forum will produce ten excellent papers and five excellent reports, which submitted to the forum.
  • Each report in panel discussion is a 15-minute presentation (PowerPoint) followed by 5 minutes of discussions.

Time and Main Agenda

  • 17 August, 2018,Registration
  • 18-19 August, 2018,Conference
  • 20-21 August,2018field trip

Venue: Hua Tian Hotel
Register Fee: 
Early bird before 15 March,2018 , 240$(foreigner),1400RMB (domestic), 240$ or 700RMB(student)
Regular time:300$(foreigner),1800RMB (domestic), 300$ or 900RMB(student)

Field Trips:

  • Xianghai and Momoge wetland reserve in west Jilin
  • Changbai Mountain

Contact Information:

Registration website:http://english.neigae.cas.cn/ns/ue/201204/t20120424_84224.html

Address: 4888 Shengbei Street, Changchun 130102, P. R. China

Postal code: 130102

Fax: 0431-85542298

Contacts: Ruixue Cao, Xiaonan Lou

E-mail:caoruixue@iga.ac.cn, louxiaonan@iga.ac.cn

Telephone: +860431-85542274;+860431-85542361;+8613843128683






Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address:4888 Shengbei Street, Changchun 130102, P. R. China