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NEIGAE Receive Foreign Visiting Scholars to Conduct Cooperate Research TEXT SIZE: A A A

  Recently, sponsored by The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr.Geraldo César Rocha from Brazil and Dr. Shahida Nasreen Zakir from Pakistan came to NEIGAE as visiting scholars for a three-month cooperate research.
  Dr.Geraldo César Rocha worked in Brazil Federal University of Juiz de Fora and experienced in Earth Sciences, particular proficiency in Soil science, geology, environmental risk assessment. He had been worked and carried out relevant research in French National Agriculture Institute, Russian International Research and Design Apartment, the University of Costa Rica. The aim of his visiting is to carry out a cooperate research with Han Xiaozen on soil carbon pool storage and organic matter content and conduct a comparative research on soil carbon pool in northeast China and CO2 emission.
  Dr.Shahida Nasreen Zakir worked in College of Environmental Science,University of Peshawar, Pakistan. She had done a good job in distribution and degradation of pesticides and pollution control by the use of nature recovery. During her visit in China, she tend to conduct research with Xu Yanli on the long time application of farm chemicals’s influence on Agro-ecosystem, particularly engage in heavy metal pollution’s influence on dynamic ecological system. It is hoped that long term cooperation to be established through communication and papers and works could be published. 


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