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Professor WANG Congli attended the 6th International Nematology Conference TEXT SIZE: A A A

Professor Wang Congli in the Farmland Pest Control Group of NEIGAE was invited to attend the 6th International Nematology Conference (INC) which was organized and hosted by the Nematological Society of Southern Africa (NSSA) from May 4th to 9th, 2014.

Professor Wang presented the recent cutting edge progress in the field of entomopathogenic nematode (EPN) and plant host resistance to root-knot nematodes in cotton during the conference. Her presentations gained very positive responses from experts in the corresponding areas. During the meeting two abstracts entitled“Pluronic gel, a useful medium to study entomopathogenic nematode host habitat finding behavior in response to environmental cues from plant”and “Transgressive segregation of root-knot nematode resistance in cotton determined by QTL analysis”were submitted by Professor Wang and meanwhile two abstracts by Professor Wang were also selected as oral presentations in two section two and twelve.

Since INC event convenes only every six years, so it is a very extraordinary opportunity for those experts and students from many different regions and foreign countries to exchange and share their  scientific ideas and thoughts.The mainobjective of the conference is to encourage those experts and top scientists in the field of nematology from different countries in depth interaction.


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